Understanding Bio-Energetics Testing

Physics is the science of the relationship and connection between physical systems (i.e. time and space; energy and force; light and sound). Studies in this field have revealed that human consciousness is an integrated field, not restricted by the limits of the body. Recognizing and understanding this concept allows us to take a fresh look at the intuitive forms of medicine that have opposed traditional, western mindsets, and guides us in developing tools to enable us to bring together the concepts of physics in powerful new ways.

Progressing outside of the conventional view of health and disease, we understand that the physical state of organs and tissues is the outcome of a much wider set of processes. With this in mind, we realize that we exist as a complex and layered field where our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and other varied interfaces with our environment all have a part to play in what makes us who we are.

Bio-energetic testing allows us to assess these interrelationships instantaneously, directing us to priorities, intensifying the therapeutic relationship between patient and provider, and augmenting clinical outcomes.

The Qest4 System is a fully automated hardware and software bio-energetic testing device praised by Alternative Health Care Providers worldwide as the most effective form of bio-energetic testing technology on the market today.1


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