“Just about my whole family has chosen to come to see Loren because they see the amazing results under her care.  My husband had huge lumps of arthritis at the base of his thumbs and was skeptical that she could help him when doctors couldn’t.  After testing him she realized he had a build up of toxins in his body so she put him on a detox program and after 2 months the lumps were totally gone after having several years of pain!  He was amazed and has been telling everyone!   My son had severe issues with acid reflux and was on Prilosec for about 10 years. After screening him she was able to tell which foods were inflaming his body and she put him on a very clean diet which then caused the acid reflux to slowly stop and he was finally able to stop taking the Prilosec after many years of trying!  My special needs son can’t walk or talk and was having problems with his digestion but the doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing it since he couldn’t tell them how he felt.  She asked me to give a saliva sample and were able to tell us what was wrong.  She recommended a cleansing of his large and small intestines and then recommended a digestive aid along with a great probiotic – one that had just the right bacteria that he alone needed. He is doing so much better thanks to her!  The bloating and gassiness has been eliminated.  So grateful for all she has done for us! ” – Linda B.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Loren both professionally and personally. She was an amazing mentor when I was first learning how to utilize bio-resonance scanning for health assessments. What a wealth of knowledge she is! I would often hear from other clients how much they appreciated Loren and the comfortable, but confident way in which she helped them in their journey to wellness. I wholeheartedly concur with their thoughts and feelings, as Loren has also worked with me as a client, helping me to sort through my own thoughts regarding my personal health. If you’re looking for a warm and friendly, skilled and knowledgeable partner to assist you down your path towards health, look no further. Loren is just the person you have been looking for! You will not be disappointed!” – Teresa G.

“I met Loren in 2014. At the time I was suffering from an imbalance in my hormones causing heavy bleeding. I was hospitalized several times for this situation and was suffering for 6 months. When I met Loren, she analyzed that my hormones were off and sent me home with tinctures to balance my hormones. I took the tinctures throughout the next two weeks and never had a problem again. Since then, I have seen Loren on a yearly basis to screen how I can better my health.  Loren is a wonderful person who continues to make my life have more quality and balance.” – Monica E.

“I began working with Loren about 8 mos ago. I wasn’t a believer in Natural Health but came to Vegha Nutrition and Wellness at the urging of a friend who was also helped by Loren years before. I have Lyme disease and after many rounds of antibiotics and losing feeling in my right hand, mobility in my joints and having horrible migraines every week, I thought I would try anything! Loren took her time and really listened to me, something no medical doctor had done. We began a detox diet, eliminated foods causing inflammation in my body and started on a supplement protocol ,which, I’m happy to say, has eliminated every one of my symptoms. I recommend her to everyone! She gave me my life back!” – Craig R.

“My journey towards total body wellness began over 10 years ago, but it wasn’t until meeting Loren in 2016 that I was able to make a true connection between a cleaner, healthier diet and totally transforming my body from the inside out. My work with Loren changed everything. She was incredibly compassionate, and her guidance and support were invaluable. I have completed other hormonal weight loss programs before, but Evolution was the game changer without a doubt. The program guide was informative, easy to navigate and gave me the ability to utilize a broader menu of food options which also allowed me to have more creative license with my meals. The Evolution Weight Management program helped me to not only change my physical body, but it also provided the tools to cultivate lasting change for years to come. I have lost a total of 82 pounds and have maintained my weight without issue. Today I’m able to move my body with total freedom without carrying unnecessary weight and inflammation which made most any physical activity more difficult than it needed to be. I recommend Loren and the Evolution Weight Managment program WHOLEHEARTEDLY to anyone looking to improve their relationship with food and create lasting change for their body, mind and spirit!” – Myrah M.